Our company

Our company has specialized in the manual winding and mounting of customer specific motors of 20 - 30 W and 3 - 4 kW and other mechanic products.

Rotors which are fixed by permanent magnets also belong to our product spectre. We purchase the needed mechanic components, like: presscast components / precision mouldings / aluminium or forged steel pieces / turned and etched components from our partners, whom we have worked together with for many years. In case special components are needed, we contact foreign (German, Austrian, Chinese) producers.

The final products are tested by our qualified 3D measure metre, digital hight meter, Steingröver flux meter aso.

If the assembly is done by us, we offer our customers ready-made (surface treated: zinc-coated, chromium-plated, dust-coloured, aso.) components from the above spectre.

The production of utensils needed for the production of components are supervized by our company until these are ready for production which is documented by a first-measure protocol towards the customer.

Our strength is our flexibility in serving our customers, the production of low number of products and also delivering our products to the custormer on time.